Monthly Goal Getter

Girl sitting on the floor with a laptop raising his arms with a look of success

Are you a Business owner looking for ongoing support and accountability?

Do you want to bring someone on board to understand your vision and help you set clear goals?

Know you need support but don’t need anything full time?

My Monthly Goal Getter is perfect for you; the combination of a monthly sessions to chat goals and progress updates along with ongoing email support if you need that extra ear or piece of advice to keep you on track!  We’ll get clear on what you are trying to achieve and come up with a monthly plan to follow.  At the next session, we’ll review progress and discuss opportunities and actions for the next few weeks…


As part of the Monthly Goal Getter, you receive

  • 1 x 90 minute session to be taken via Skype every month on a rolling basis
  • You receive the recording or our call to refer back to PLUS notes and actions to follow up
  • Email access to me throughout the month

•can be cancelled anytime

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