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Working for yourself can be hard. Growing your client base and business generally, takes time, dedication and a forward focus. However, you can become so focused on building your business, you forget to take time out to value the driving force of your business – you!

Taking stock of how valuable you are to your business, along with the importance of your own talents and abilities, is an important part of your overall inspiration, creativity and drive. So let me ask you – are you valuing yourself and what’s the best way to value yourself in your business?

Knowing your own worth

This is the core element of valuing yourself – knowing what makes you special and how that impacts your worth to the business. It’s about believing in yourself and your abilities and ensuring your business and those abilities are aligned.

Being honest over where your time goes

In order to understand how you impact your business, you need to establish where you’re spending your time. In order to value yourself, you must set aside the majority of your time, to do what is important to you.

Sticking to your own boundaries

If you’ve set yourself specific working hours and a rule that you need to be at your desk from 9 to 4, but you’re getting up late and wasting your morning chatting to friends, you’re not valuing yourself. Your boundaries are there to ensure you respect both your business and yourself – they’re not just rules and regulations that get dished out to other people, but ignored by yourself – always stick to the boundaries you’ve created.

Charging what you’re worth

Respect and value your talents – they’re what make you and your business what they are. Regardless of whether they’re natural gifts you were born with or skills you’ve invested in learning, show that respect by charging what you’re worth. That includes your per hour prices, as well as ensuring your course and product prices accurately reflect the amount of content and time involved in creating them.

Valuing your strengths and outsourcing the rest

Finally, the best way you can show you respect and value yourself is to play to your strengths. Spend the majority of your working day using those gifts, skills and talents you have, probably the very things that made you want to go into business – and outsource everything else.

You’ll give yourself, your finances and your business generally, the biggest boost, if you spend the majority of your time in your zone of excellence – and stop trying to master every skill and task that relates to your business.

By valuing yourself and honouring the above tips, you’ll be illustrating how much you value yourself – plus you’ll also give others the change to shine too – by giving them a chance to demonstrate their unique talents, gifts and skillsets too.

Have you been valuing yourself and your business – or have you been so busy running your business you’ve been neglecting yourself? Why not share one thing that you value most about you, along with the strategy you use, to ensure you’re valuing and respecting yourself, by leaving a comment in the box below!

Image courtesy of Giromin/Dollar Photo Club