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Are you your best advertisement?

We’ve all tried various different types of advertisements for our business. Whether we’ve used paid-for advertisements, leaflets and vouchers, written press releases and articles or gotten ourselves mentioned in the local paper, we all want to advertise our business. But taking a step back from the more ‘traditional’ and ‘standard’ types of advertisement… are YOU the best advertisement for your business?

are you your best advertisement

Who do you need to be?

When it comes to advertising your own business, the best advertisement really is you! This becomes quite obvious when we talk about businesses such as life coaching or mentoring, as they tend to focus on giving clients a certain image or quality (such as confidence or happiness). The coach or mentor therefore needs to be confident or happy, to be their own advertisement – but it’s equally important for other businesses too.

Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant, blogger or financial expert, you still need to become your own advertisement for your business. This then becomes more of an advertisement for the QUALITIES you want your business to have – such as openness, honesty and integrity.

You also need to illustrate the TRUST you have in your own products or services, by using them yourself. If you’re a blogger, do you blog yourself? A graphic artist – do you use your own graphics in everything you do?

Living and acting the part

This then becomes a case of living and acting the part – both in and out of work – and deciding HOW you need to be, in order to be the shop front for your business.

If you sell cosmetics and skincare – do you use your own ALL the time? Or you a coach who teaches about success, happiness and/or owning your own power? Do you always portray a happy life, where you choose to do the things you enjoy and always have that inner strength and confidence about you (with or without your makeup on!)? Maybe you’re a Virtual Assistant – how’s your timekeeping and organisation outside of work? A financial expert – do you ALWAYS illustrate how comfortable you are with money and money talk and is your own financial house in order?

You need to start living and acting the part – to start BEING your perfect advertisement.


Put yourself out there

Finally, you actually need to put yourself out there. You need to have so much confidence in what you do, that you’re happy and willing to share that GIFT with others.

You need to be approachable and sociable on your chosen social media platforms. You want to share your skills, knowledge and experiences with others – to help others see how great you and your products and/or services are – to genuinely be helpful.

It’s not about pushing your business or going for the ‘hard’ sell all the time – it’s about being approachable, friendly and ultimately, being YOU!

How do you integrate your business with being you? Are you always your own best advertisement or do you feel it needs a little work? What action steps can you take, to ensure you’re always your best advertisement? Why not share your biggest learning in the comments box below?

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