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Video can play a valuable part in your business. Not only are videos naturally engaging, they also help make content easily digestible to those watching. But video also has added advantages for the entrepreneurs creating them – they’re easy to create and help build your expert status.

Often though, video creation is kept on a tight leash. We use them in obvious scenarios, such as webinars and online training programs, without ever utilising them in the other areas of our business – and this is a big mistake. So how can you better maximise the use of video in your business?

blog videoBlog posts

Not everyone likes reading vast amounts of text, and this is where video can help you increase both your reach and likeability. Why not create a text-based blog post and embed a video version in it too?

About Us page

This is one of the most frequently visited pages on your site – but often the most overlooked by the website owner! What better way to start building a relationship with your website visitors, than to have a friendly, informative and engaging video on your About Us page?

Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews carry so much weight with your potential clients. They build on the social proof, can highlight specific benefits of your products/services and beautifully illustrate the types of person you work with. Now imagine how much stronger that can be, if your potential clients can actually SEE and visually connect with previous clients!

Sales pages

Video can become a powerful and useful part of your sales pages. There are several ways you can use video here – you could talk about your reasons behind creating a specific product, you could demonstrate products and you can give a visual overview of your product, member site or a behind the scenes peek at your customer service team. How could you best utilise video on your sales pages?

video thank youSubscribe and unsubscribe pages

Most small businesses keep their subscribe and unsubscribe pages as the simple default email on their autoresponder program – and this is a wasted opportunity. Imagine creating a video to welcome and thank your new subscriber? How about creating a quick video, to thank the person who’s just unsubscribed, for their previous custom and time – with a final call to action to either make a suggestion on how you could improve the service or to check they really want to miss out on x, y and z?

Videos can be so engaging and can also make a welcome break from pages of text and static images. Why not look at how you can implement video into your business? Even if you add one or two of the options above, you’ll be ramping up the engagement and giving your website visitors an additional way to get to know you and your business better.

Do you currently use video in your business – if not, what has prevented you – and have these tips helped? What one will you use to kick-start the video usage in your business? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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