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One of the key differences between an established and new business owner is this – an established business owner is confident about who they are, who they serve and what they provide.

The established business owner DOES have experience and a proven track record. These help to back up the confidence they have in themselves, plus it helps alleviate any concerns potential clients may have. However, what initially attracts clients to them is the confident air of authority the business owner has.

It comes down to being confident in yourself and your abilities, right across the board. You need to not only be confident in your abilities, but also be comfortable when talking about your business – from describing your target audience right through to during your discovery calls etc.

So how can you get confident in your business?

Here are seven steps to help you become more confident in yourself and your business.

#1: Walk the walk…

Some people shy away from this, as they feel that it’s akin to ‘faking it until you make it’ and worry that it is deceptive. The harsh truth is this – you need to get over the blocks you have around this. You need to PLAY the part, in order to BECOME the part. If you believe you can deliver what you’re promising, if you have belief in your skills and genuinely believe you can help – then you need to act AS IF you can!

#2: …and talk the talk!

Listen to the vocabulary you are using. Are you sounding confident? Are you using the right words? Or are you using ‘maybe’,’ I should be able to’, ‘I hope to’ and ‘I’ll try’ when interacting with potential clients?

#3: Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is infectious – so make sure you’re enthusiastic about your business and how you can help potential clients.

#4: Keep your focus on the other person – not you!

One mistake fledgling business owners make is focusing too much on their own worries and fears. This will be evident in your self-talk, as you’ll be concerned about ‘getting’ this client or needing more money etc.

#5: Know your destination

Get clear in your own head, where you’re heading and what you want. Talk about it, plan it and implement it – the more you know where you’re headed, the more certain you’ll be of reaching your destination.

#6: Work on your limitations and blocks

You can only work on your issues, if you know what they are – so get aware of them and look to work on them. This includes your confidence in yourself, the skills you do (and don’t) have and your money blocks. Look to get help with your limitations and blocks – and keep them away from your clients.

#7: Associate with those ahead of you

It can be difficult, when you first start out in business, to find people who understand what you’re going through. Your existing friends may not understand why you’re looking to be self-employed, they may not have the knowledge to help you overcome issues and move your business forward and they may even look to sabotage your efforts, if it conflicts with their own beliefs and values. This is why it’s so important to associate with those already on a similar path to you, those who are a bit ahead of you and not those behind you.

As a new or fledgling business, you needn’t be at a disadvantage. Confidence is something ANY business owner can have, regardless of what stage their business may currently be. You may not have the track record and experience under your belt, but you can use the steps above to get confident with yourself and your business.

Do you consider yourself to be confident about your abilities and your business? Maybe you use affirmations or vision boards to help instil confidence? If you use a specific tool or have a great tip for helping to get more confident in your business, why not share it in the comments box below?

Image courtesy of elnariz/Adobe.Stock Photos