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Giving yourself space to dream

Most of us had a dream or wish to work for ourselves. We craved the space and freedom we could have from being self-employed, living our own rules and following our own dream.

But once you start your own business, you can get bogged under with WORK! If you’re not careful, the dream of working your own hours and for those people you want to work with… can become an even longer, harder reality than being employed! So how can you get into the dream and on the path to the freedom and space you crave?


Take time out of your day

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you need regular breaks or you’ll lose your enthusiasm, concentration and potentially burn yourself out. Learn to take time out of your day to just walk away.

Whether you go for a walk, do some housework, gardening or any other mundane task, you’ll be giving your brain and your creativity a breather. This will ensure you keep looking at your dreams (and your ‘to do’ list) with a fresh perspective and allow your mind the space and time to create a potential solution or new direction.


This is the ideal way to switch off from everything. Mediating gives you the chance to truly focus on nothing but your breathing. It clears your mind of the negative self talk, the worry and stress of those tasks you haven’t yet finished and actually gives you enough space to allow your mind to wander – and onto thoughts of what you can achieve, if you give yourself a chance.

inspirational dream stone

Having a holiday

There’s nothing like a compulsory break from your usual routine to give you new insights! Having a change of scenery, along with a break from the laptop and other technology will do wonders for your dreams and aspirations. A holiday takes you away from what you’re currently focused on and gives you the opportunity to go back to basics – a pen, paper and a chance to let your imagination and dreams run wild.

Exercising your creativity

Whether your business is a creative-based one or not, creativity is great for dreaming! Whether you opt to paint, write, build or get inspired, doing something creative draws your attention and focus onto one thing – and lets your mind wander into unlimited potential. Sign up to a creative-based class, learn a new hobby or take yourself off to an art gallery – just do something creative and give your mind room to dream!

What makes you dream best? Do you find giving yourself a regular break works, or are you more inspired by others creativity? How do you give yourself the space to dream and what can you do this week to ensure that happens? Why not share your creative plans in the comments box below?

 Images © anyaberkuy & Olga Lyubkin/DollarPhotoClub