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Happy Clients

I was looking for a 'Keap' CRM Specialist to help with email sequencing and the launch of a new course I was promoting and I found Charlotte.  

She was great to work with and not only did what I asked but made great suggestions to make things better and easier. Charlotte was efficient, knowledgeable and very hands-on when I needed help.

I'll definitely use Charlotte again as the time saved by getting a specialist in was priceless to me. Thanks Charlotte x

Sarah Wassell

Marketing Matters

Charlotte set up my Mailchimp account for me and got me started with it. She was absolutely brilliant. She even did a 'how-to' video to walk me through how to use it. This has been so valuable as I have gained a large proportion of business through my mailing list. Thank you, Charlotte 

Linda McNeill

Founder , The Positive Family Academy

I had the best VIP day with Charlotte!

My business has been full on and I have spent the last few months working really hard in the business but not nearly enough time working on the business. So I had found myself in a a bit of a stalemate and needed an input of time, energy and enthusiasm to take me to the next level.

My day with Charlotte (and the pre and post work) have been vital in giving me back my spark. My energy levels have increased because I am making time to do parts of the job that I enjoy as well as those that need doing. I now have a plan of action and goals to work to, I feel like I have direction again!

As an added bonus the day itself was relaxed and great fun. The venue was lovely and the working space really good.
Whether you are starting out or at a bit of a changing point, I’d definitely recommend a day with Charlotte.

Kathy Soulsby

Personally Virtual

I used Charlotte's Facebook ads services and I was so impressed with the results!!

Charlotte was brilliant to work with and talked me through each step - she made the whole process so easy!

Not only that my sales went up dramatically and the engagement on the adverts she provided me was unbelievable.

I would recommend her services without hesitation. 

Charlie Day

Founder, Sounds Right Phonics

I advise brands on strategy on a daily basis but was unable to see the wood for the trees when it came to my own business. After a big change in 2015 I knew I had to do things differently and enlisted the help of Charlotte. 

By asking the right questions in the right order we were quickly able to get to the nub of the issue and put together a clear action plan.

I left the day feeling energised, positive and raring to go. My day with Charlotte gave me just the lift and clarity I and the business I co-own needed!

Amanda Herbert

Syren Strategy

Charlotte is very personable and easy to talk to, a great listener and makes you feel valued throughout the whole process. Her main aim is always to put your needs first so you get the most out of your time.
Spending a VIP day with Charlotte on my business helped me to gain some much needed clarity on where my business was going. I came away with a list of easy to implement action points to take me in the right direction and help me achieve my goals, and left feeling energised and ready to move forward.
I look forward to working with Charlotte on my business for a very long time!

Christina Moore

Complete Organisation

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