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How to make the most of Twitter for business

Since it was first founded in 2006, Twitter is the social media platform that’s akin to Marmite – you either love it or hate it. But Twitter can be the perfect way to raise your profile and interact with your target audience… once you know how to make the most of it!


Your perfect bio

When it comes to elevator pitches, your Twitter bio needs to be short and sweet! You need to make sure you make every 160 character count. How? By portraying who you are, what you do and how you can help your target audience – so get specific with those keywords and get to the point.

Using Twitter Hours and Chats

Twitter Hours and Twitter Chats make online networking super-easy, simply by designating an allotted hour and hashtag. What’s great about Twitter Hours is they’re a perfect way to interact with local businesses in your area – as they’re dedicated to each county and business generally (i.e. #HampshireHour or #BizHour. You can find a list of Twitter Hours here.

Twitter Chats are similar to Twitter Hours, but they’re used for specific hobbies, interests and industries – such as sport, parenting, wine, fashion and advertising. You can find a list of Twitter Chats here.

Set up advanced searches

Twitter has an advanced search function that makes it really easy to get specific over your search results. Whether you want to find tweets relating to specific places, specific dates or containing and/or excluding certain words, the advanced search can be a goldmine of information.

You also have the ability to find tweets from, to and about a specific account too. This makes it a powerful tool for both research and finding potential clients. Learn how to use the advanced search feature here.

Be selective over who you follow

As with any social media platform, it can be easy to get too focused on your fan numbers. This leads you to potentially end up following people you may otherwise not have bothered with – especially as it can help your numbers look good if they follow you back.

But learn to be selective over who you follow. Not only does this help keep your home feed from getting clogged up with junk, it also ensures you’re following and attracting people who genuinely are interested in you, your business and what you have to say.

Save time with Hootsuite

Finally, learn to use Hootsuite. The free option gives you ample space to keep an eye on your account activity, as well as the ability to set up and schedule tweets in advance. Set up feeds for your direct messages, replies, search results, lists, scheduled and sent tweets. This helps eliminate the time wasted scrolling through your home feed and also means you can bulk write your tweets in advance – the perfect solution for those who hate the speed of the home feed.

Twitter can be a great tool for business and client attraction, if you follow these guidelines and make the most of the features it has on offer.

How do you feel about Twitter? Do you struggle with it or do you love it? What features do you regularly use on it? Why not share your thoughts and opinions of Twitter, by posting a comment or tip in the comments box below!

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