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Creativity is no different to our mind, body and soul – it needs nurturing, exercising and, occasionally, it needs a break too! But creativity itself also needs feeding and that’s where inspiration comes in.

Without inspiration, you’ll struggle to be creative. You see, inspiration is the mental stimulation needed to make us feel that initial urge to do something creative. It’s the bright idea we want to put into action – the colours that inspire us to create a painting, the heart-pull that urges us to work with a certain group of people and the calling that pushes us forward in business.

Creativity, on the other hand, is doing and creating something based on that inspiration – it’s that inspiration mixed with a large dose of perspiration and hard work.

creativity and inspiration

This is why it’s so important to nurture, exercise and rest both your creativity and your inspiration. If you’re too tired to create, you’ll have no business. If you’re wound up or stressed out, you’ll fail to notice those things that stimulate your inspiration and those potentially great ideas will slip past you, unnoticed.

So learn to give your inspiration and creativity what they need to be inspired. Here’s three simple ways to get started:

#1: Take time away to fire up your creativity

You know what it’s like – you go on holiday for a rest and, after a few days you’re buzzing with solutions to your business problems, have ideas galore and are eager to get back into the saddle. This is exactly WHY you should schedule regular time away!

The very act of taking a break releases the necessity, stress and urgency around being inspired and creative. It frees your mind and gives it the space and time to focus on those niggling problems, without deadlines or conscious questioning of the potential solutions.

#2: Get outside and blow away those cobwebs

Obviously we can’t all book a week or two away every time we need to give our creativity and inspiration a break. This is where scheduling in regular breaks, AWAY from your desk are so important. It’s not just about good health, posture etc., it’s about giving your mind a rest. And a rested mind means an increase in creativity and inspiration.

Going outside really does have the advantage of blowing away those cobwebs. It clears your mind, whilst also giving you a mass of potential stimuli for your senses. If you work from home, take time to sit outside and just be with yourself – no conscious thought, no distractions – and just breathe.

young woman painting

#3: Do something creative to inspire creativity

What inspires you? What fills yours senses with wonderment, enjoyment and bliss? Look to fill your senses with creativity – whether that by baking, visiting an art gallery or listening to Mozart. How about doing a spot of gardening or flower arranging? Even sitting and observing the garden can work wonders, as you breathe in the scent of flowers, observe the rich colours and maybe listen to a gentle trickling stream.

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, taking the time to look after your creativity and inspiration will enable you to reap the rewards in your business on a regular basis – without burning yourself out and without risking your health and wellbeing.

What do you have in place to keep your inspiration and creativity well looked after? Do you have regular activities scheduled in or are you more intuitive led? Why not share your experiences, advice and tips in the comments box below!

Images of Tanouchka, Krasimira Nevenova & Alexey Kuznetsov/Dollar Photo Club