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Is perfection holding you and your business back?

When we first start out in business we want everything to be perfect. We know how important it is to set a good impression, so we strive to meet those high standards we’ve set for ourselves. We want to be known for quality, in terms of our products and services, plus we also want to look good and appeal to our potential clients.

This is all well and good… as long as you’re ACTUALLY putting your products and services out there for your potential clients!


The problem with perfection

You see, problems can arise when, in our desire to attain perfection, we inadvertently hold our business back from the success we crave. We delay putting our new website or sales page out there, hold off on releasing that new product or program and delay in actually setting a launch date at all – purely because we’re waiting for it all to be ‘perfect’.

What’s hiding behind perfection?

In reality, when we’re looking for ‘perfection’, we’re actually hiding behind a fear of some description.

Usually those fears are based around being scared – scared of being judged, scared of what others will say, scared our product or program is no good. We worry that clients won’t like our new offerings, won’t perceive the value behind them, the other ‘competition’ out there and generally scared of being laughed at, ridiculed and generally looking amateur/silly/stupid!

So, is it any wonder we’d rather label it as ‘perfection’ – especially when our fears are so personal and linked to feelings we don’t want to potentially feel?!

done is better than perfect

We need room to grow and evolve

The thing about ‘perfection’ is we all have our own view of what it looks like. Often, the fears we worry about are actually great learning opportunities to create an even more superior product.

If we delay putting our products and services out there, we’re actually failing to get crucial feedback from our clients. We end up working only from our own perceptions and ideas – and missing out on the opportunity to gather the opinions of those who the product is actually aimed for!

Overcome that perfection problem

If your idea of perfection is preventing you from putting your website, sales page or product out there, follow this simple plan:

  1. Do your research
  2. Create a summary or overview of your product
  3. Write your sales page
  4. Invite a limited number of beta testers to give you feedback in return for a reduced price (and to gauge if there’s interest)
  5. Set a launch date – whilst working with your beta testers (and only if there’s an interest in what you’re offering)
  6. Launch your product
  7. Add improvements and tweaks as needed

Dont wait for perfection

This plan will ensure you’re actually getting products and services out there AND ensuring there’s a real need for them. By switching your focus from your perfection fears and onto your clients – you’ll ensure you’re better serving your ideal clients AND helping to really move your business forward.

How do you handle perfection fears? Do you have your own strategy in place to ensure you push through them? Maybe you’re just getting started with the steps above – how are you finding them? What’s been your biggest takeaway from today’s blog? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below?

Images © Krasimira Nevenova, thinglass & iQoncept/Dollar Photo Club