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Is your website designed to repel or attract potential clients?

Does your website sing your praises or attract potential clients? Your website has only seconds to make an impression on your potential clients. Every part of your website needs to attract them – whether it’s your about page or your sales page – and encourage them to stay longer. But how can you do that easily and effectively?

website layout

Change your focus

When we start out creating our website we don’t often think of our clients. We think about what looks pretty, what we like, finding evidence to back up and validate what we do and charge, as well as what pages we want.

However, by changing our focus from ourselves and onto our potential customers, we can create a website experience that suits them. Our images will be ones they can relate to, our wording will be aimed at them and the entire layout of our website will be a pleasurable experience for them.

Think of the customer’s journey

To create a website that attracts your potential clients AND one that has them staying for longer, you need to think of the journey it takes them on.

Once your visitor has landed on your home page – what next? Where do they go? What’s the natural progression you want them to make? What’s the specific aim of their journey? Do you want them to sign up to your mailing list? Book a strategy call or buy a product? Maybe you want them to read your blog and leave a comment?

Website journey

Make it easy to find

Once you know what journey you want them to go on, you need to make that easy for them to do. And simple. It’s no good having lots of different options on every page or making them jump through hoops and clicking on unnecessary pages, if they don’t need to – or you’ll lose them.

Think about the direct route to what they need. Look at your page navigation, add breadcrumbs to show where they are and make their next step and obvious one. If you want them to click on a button – make the button obvious, big and in their line of sight. Minimise scrolling on the page to find what they need and minimise the amount of text.

Make it easy on their eyes

Your site should be attractive to your visitor – both in terms of layout AND colour. Look at your colour scheme, the amount of text you’re using and the amount of free space you have. There’s nothing worse than a site that’s crammed full of small text, loud images, graphics and masses of links – leaving your visitor lost, confused and suffering from eye strain! Keep it professional, spacious and attractive.

Follow the tips above and you’ll have a website that both attracts your visitors AND encourages them to stay a while – and really get to know how you can help them and what you have to offer.

Have you taken a critical look at your website? Did today’s post create any a-ha moments for you? What changes can you make to ensure a better visitor experience? Is there one action step you can take today, to make a start on your website improvements, if needed? Why not share your biggest a-ha moment in the comment box below!

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