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Is your website showcasing you or what you can offer?

Almost every business has a website nowadays. It’s a perfect place for you to tell the world what you’re about, what you do and how you can help your ideal customers.

There’s money to be spent on making your website appealing to your visitors and ensuring your brand is on point. This includes making it visually appealing (such as the colours and layout), giving out as much information as possible and ensuring background elements (such as SEO and load times etc.) are all spot on… so why are you not getting more visitors?

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When it comes to getting visitors, there’s three main elements that come into play:

  • Attracting visitors in the first place
  • Keeping those visitors interested and on your site
  • Turning those visitors into clients or customers

If you’re struggling with any of these, here are four basic mistakes you may be making.

Mistake #1: Your website is about you

When we first create a website we mistakenly think we need to JUSTIFY what we’re doing and who WE are. However, your potential client doesn’t really care about how many qualifications you have or where you live etc. They’re more interested in what it means for them. HOW does your qualifications help them? WHY is where you live important for them to know?

Every page of your site should be focused on answering these questions. This leads onto the next mistake:

Mistake #2: Having no clear indication of how you can help

When visitors land your site they want to SEE how you can help them. Giving a brief overview of who you are, followed by a request to ‘call you if interested’, isn’t enough! They need to see WHAT you offer, HOW it can help them and WHY they need it.

Showcase your products and services. Give them examples of how it can help, by providing specific testimonials – not just generic ones – and focus on the benefits (see next section).

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Mistake #3: Focusing on features instead of benefits

Another common mistake small business owners make is focusing on the wrong things in their write-ups. They’ve spent ages on creating a great product or service – only to fall at the last hurdle.

The copy for your sales pages NEEDS to illustrate your ideal client’s pains and desires – you need to CONNECT with the EMOTIONS of your clients. And you can’t do this if you’re focusing on the features.

What’s the difference between a feature and a benefit? A feature is a factual element to your product and service, a surface statement. A benefit on the other hand, is the RESULTS it will give the client; this is what will connect emotionally with your potential client. For example: ‘I am proficient in diary management for small businesses’ is a feature of what you do, whereas ‘I can save you 3 hours a week, by managing your diary for you’ would be a benefit.

Mistake #4: Give a clear indication of what to do next

Finally, you need to have a CLEAR call to action for EVERY page on your site. What do you want your visitors to do, once they have read that page? Do you want them to contact you via email or register on your mailing list? Maybe you want them to call you or fill out an application form? How easy is it for them to know what you want them to do next? Do you even ask? How easy is it for them to complete that request?

By focusing on and eradicating these common mistakes, you can easily turn your website into one that attracts AND converts your visitors into potential and future clients.

Did you relate to any of this mistakes? What one were you most surprised by and what action step are you going to take to turn it around? Why not share your action steps and you takeaway thoughts in the comments box below?

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