Making the Leap

PA to VA Webinar

Are you a PA who is feeling frustrated and tired with the commute to work?

Are you finding juggling your family and work commitments near to impossible?

Are you looking for an avenue to take your skills and experience and create something that truly works for you?

I know how hard working as a PA is (I have been there!), especially when you throw in the challenge of low pay grades, long hours, demanding bosses and crazy commutes.

I can reassure you though, that there is another way. The VA industry is growing exponentially with people (just like you!) realising that self-employment and flexible working can work for both them and their clients. All it takes is some great support and a leap of faith…

Join me for my FREE webinar on Making the Leap from PA to VA!

I’ll give you a no-nonsense and authentic account of the highs and lows of setting up and running your own VA business, transitioning from employee to business owner mindset along with some practical tips and tools that you can put into place to begin creating your VA business and changing your life now.

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My business has been full on and I have spent the last few months working really hard in the business but not nearly enough time working on the business. So I had found myself in a a bit of a stalemate and needed an input of time, energy and enthusiasm to take me to the next level.

My day with Charlotte (and the pre and post work) have been vital in giving me back my spark. My energy levels have increased because I am making time to do parts of the job that I enjoy as well as those that need doing. I now have a plan of action and goals to work to, I feel like I have direction again!

As an added bonus the day itself was relaxed and great fun. The venue was lovely and the working space really good.

Whether you are starting out or at a bit of a changing point, I’d definitely recommend a day with Charlotte.

Kathy Soulsby

Personally Virtual

I’ve known Charlotte a long time first as a work colleague and now as my coach and mentor. She completely gets me. She knows what makes me tick and how to motivate me. I always get the best out of our sessions. I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. She certainly knows her stuff and I’m already seeing results.

Zita Lewis

Helping You - Helping Your Business

On the webinar we’ll cover:

  • Your big WHY, why its important, and how it drives your plans
  • WHAT your business could look like, services to offer, things to think about
  • Exactly WHEN is a good time to kick things off
  • HOW to get started and what path might work for you

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, there will be a replay available to those that have signed up beforehand

Is it time you made the leap?

Join me on the webinar – you’ll never look back I promise!

Register for the Making the Leap PA to VA Webinar!

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