Nurture your tribe

You’ve grown a booming audience to support your business but what do you do with them now? 

Get ready to cultivate your following and turn your followers into raving fans!

Your online business is reaching all the right people, with a solid audience and thriving sales to match it. With a big tribe ready and waiting for you, the pressure is on to take care of them – whether that’s in your email list, FB group or Instagram community. Content is the substance of any marketing plan, the thing that nurtures your audience and makes them eager to keep buying from you. But how do you consistently deliver content that’s interesting and engaging? 

You need to keep producing regular, goal-focused content with strategy behind it. Tend to your tribe with a killer marketing plan that boosts credibility, transforming subscribers and followers into paying customers and clients. We’ll warm up your audience and get them ready to buy, considering everything from targeted promotions to cultivating a buzzing community in your FB group or email list. 

I’m here to set up the efficient, streamlined systems you need to really leverage your following to the max. With focused, smart content marketing that nurtures your existing audience, your business will be all set to flourish!

Email Marketing

An email list is one of the greatest assets a business can have.  I’ll help you to build trust and brand awareness with clever email funnels and content marketing that catches your target audience. 

Re-engagement campaigns

Boost open rates and conversions by nurturing your inactive subscribers. Get your list re-engaged and maintain inbox placement rates for your emails (= fewer newsletters lost to the junk folder!).


Get set up with the strategy and tech you need to supercharge your efficiency, amplify your reach and optimise your sales. Automations are an efficient way to maximise your existing systems – growing your biz while saving you time! 

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10 steps

to automate your business

Obviously, the success of your automations relies on the tools that you use, the systems that you set up and the knowledge that you or a third-party expert has of a particular software. So here are my top 10 tips for automating your business successfully – grab them and get your business running like a well oiled machine!