It can be easy, when you work for yourself, to get so involved in your business, you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. There’s so much to do, from social media to product creation, invoices and taxes to client relationships. Before you know it, you’re feeling deflated and tired – and your business is feeling more of a chore than a joy.

If this is resonating with you, it’s time you took a step back and reconnected in with your passion! Here’s some simple steps you can take, to get reacquainted with your passion and love for your business.

Know your big why

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to be in business? What gets you fired up and gets you emotional, at the thought of how important this is to you? What do you love abd what do you care about? Who do you want to work with and why is this so important to you?

Remember your story

Often, our passion is tied to our own story. Whether it’s something we experienced or felt, witnessed or desired, over time we can forget the importance of that part of our story. By connecting back into it, we remember how it felt, how we felt – and that can be a powerful reminder, and a driving force, to our passion.

What do you love doing?

This isn’t just about work-related passion, as we all know, one area of our life tends to have a knock-on effect on the other areas. So, what do you love doing? What would you do, if money were no object? What gets your heart singing and your positivity raised? Do you love gardening or painting? Planning new courses or hosting videos? Reading or visiting art galleries? Get crystal clear and write down everything that gets you excited to be alive.

Be honest with yourself

A big part of connecting in with your passion, is being honest with yourself. Do you really want what you want – or is it someone else’s dream? What do you do, because you feel you ‘should’ do or because of what others say or do? What do you need to do more of – and what do you need to do less of? Are there things that you need to stop doing – and things you need to start?

Regularly check-in with your passion

Clear time in your schedule each week, to have at least a 30-minute check-in with your passion. This is the perfect time to check how you’re getting on with looking after that spark. It could be that you need an outlet for your creative streak, a music marathon or the opportunity to lay down and visualise – whatever you need to do, do it regularly.

Stop trying to do everything on your own

One of the main reasons why we lose sight of our passion, is our desire or need to do everything on our own. You may be a solo business owner, but that doesn’t mean you need, or even should, do everything yourself. Start implementing action steps that will help you outsource the jobs you don’t like, don’t want to do or simply don’t bring you joy. It will help free up your time and energy to focus solely on what you love – enabling you to easily reconnect back in with your passion.

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