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When it comes to running a business, it can seem like there’s a never ending list of things that need doing. We can easily get stuck in the mind-set of seeing just what needs to be done and not taking any time to acknowledge what we have achieved, leading us to feel overwhelmed and deflated.

So let me ask you – when did you last take time to appreciate your successes?

Are you always looking forward?

Looking forward is a good general philosophy to have, especially if you have your eyes on a particular goal or financial target. However, looking back can actually give you the motivation to move forward FASTER – especially if you look back in order to acknowledge how far you’ve already come.

Acknowledge AND appreciate your successes

One of the key things about looking back at your achievements is to REALLY acknowledge them! We can be in such a hurry to move forward; we don’t fully appreciate our successes. We SEE them, but fail to APPRECIATE them and the importance those successes are to our overall journey. Take time to acknowledge what you have achieved, as well as what it has meant for you, what it enabled you to be/do/have and how it felt to reach that success.

Are you placing limitations on your successes?

Another common mistake we make is to acknowledge those successes, but minimise them and/or their importance to us. We place limitations on what to celebrate and when.

For example, we may have a goal to reach a certain level of monthly income – but will ONLY celebrate when we hit that exact figure. We don’t appreciate or celebrate the fact that ANY income we have acquired, counts towards that figure. Then, if we fail to hit that figure by a small amount – we decide not to celebrate at all, as we ‘failed’ to reach our exact end goal.

Another example on how we place limitations on our success, is in how much or little we achieve, in terms of output. We may want to spend the day working on our website, but have a poorly child at home and manage to only check our emails. Take into account your situation and celebrate that achievement!

Have a reward system in place

One thing that will help you acknowledge and celebrate your successes, is to have a reward system in place. This can be a list of things to treat yourself with – and you pick one for each achievement, or it can be a scalable list – with bigger achievements warranting larger rewards.

Pick some success buddies

Finally, a celebration is always better in company! Your success buddies can be friends, family, mentors or even those on social media groups, but it has to be someone who will appreciate your achievements and what they mean for you and your business. Imagine how motivating it will be to both of you, to be able to share your successes AND share the feel-good feelings associated with them!

How do you celebrate your successes? Do you have a scale of rewards or do you prefer to opt for randomly selecting from your list of rewards? What’s the biggest reward you’ve given yourself? Why not share your preferences and your success stories in the comments box below!

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