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It’s nearly the end of 2015, Christmas is only just around the corner and there’s presents to buy, meals to prepare and New Year parties to get ready for. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and crave a time-out for yourself, especially at this time of year.  However it’s important that you regularly plan time for yourself, if you want to be on top of your game.

Women especially find it easy to feel guilty for wanting time to themselves, as we’re often bought up to ‘think of others’ and that putting ourselves first is ‘selfish’. But taking regular time out for yourself is crucial to your health, happiness and wellbeing – and will also benefit your business too! So why are regular time slots for yourself so important?

We need to relax!

time for meThe world is a busy, hectic place. Everything is fast, instant and constantly changing. This often results in us being in a near constant fight or flight setting, with our muscles tense and our breathing shallow, fast and just a short step away from hyperventilating!

Take time out to slow yourself down, relax those muscles and take your body back into a relaxed state.

Time to connect

Having time to yourself allows you the space to connect back in with yourself. It enables you to check in with yourself and register how you’re doing. What are your emotions like? How does your body feel? What does your mind and body need to sustain and nourish it?

The more you connect in with yourself, the better you will be able to tune into your own needs.

Personal growth

We all have something we want to learn, to explore and experience. This personal growth can help us personally and at a work level. By taking time for yourself to experience something new or learn a new skill, you’ll be helping stretch your mind, your comfort zone and potentially, your bank balance.

Thinking and breathing time

woman sitting in bedAs mentioned above, living life in the fast lane can result in shallow breathing. This means your body isn’t always getting enough oxygen, you’ll feel tired and lethargic and your ability to think and solve problems may be impaired.

Taking time to focus on deeper breathing can alleviate some of these feelings, plus it gives you valuable space to actually think! It can be really difficult thinking things through, whether they’re emotional or logical-based problems, if you’re constantly surrounded by others or buried under a ton of to-do tasks. Sometimes, just giving yourself space and time alone to better listen to your thoughts and connect in with your feelings, is the best remedy for a lot of stress.

Recharge your batteries

Life can be busy and stressful and, continuing at this breakneck speed, wipes out our energy. If you’re not careful, it can leave you feeling drained and, at worst, can leave you depressed and anxious.

Take time to slow down and unwind, switch off and recharge your energy levels.

Giving yourself the necessary time alone has huge benefits for you and those around you – and it doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time either. Start with just 10 of 15 minutes on a daily basis, to start seeing and feeling the benefits, before working gradually up to a half or whole day to yourself – to ensure you’re firing on all cylinders and ready to face whatever life may throw at you!

How do you ensure you have a regular time-out for yourself? Do you have a set place you can go to, for peace and quiet, or do you go wherever you feel at the time? Why not share your time-out strategies with others, by leaving a comment in the box below!

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