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The myths we use to avoid social media in our business

Social media has evolved over the years. By offering online advertising and the ability to really drill down on your clients, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all evolved to attract business owners and the potential revenue they provide.

However, there are still businesses around that haven’t yet embraced social media. They still see them as places for users to simply share funny animal videos and post about what they had for breakfast.

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Don’t get me wrong, this does STILL go on – however, by avoiding social media you’re missing out on a potential goldmine of new clients. There are some old myths we tell ourselves to avoid social media and, in doing so, we’re missing out on its huge potential. So, if you’re using any of these excuses, don’t you think it’s time you dipped your toe in and gave it a try?

Excuse 1: It takes up too much time

Let’s look at the facts here. Social media takes up as much time as YOU let it have. It isn’t that IT takes up too much time – the reality is YOU’RE not being disciplined enough in its use.

Gaining new clients DOES takes time and, if you’re using social media to do this, it will be no different. The secret here is to allocate yourself regular time to go onto social media and interact. Build new contacts, join new groups and build on those relationships – just stick to the session time limit you’ve set yourself.

Excuse 2: My ideal clients aren’t on it

I’m guessing pretty much everyone you know is on social media – and it’s no different for your clients. They ARE on there, but the chances are, you just haven’t found where they’re hanging out. You won’t find your ideal clients posting about their need for a coach or their need to get organised with their business, but you will they group together over common interests and pastimes).

Join groups where your potential clients hang out (hobbies, pastimes etc.) and GET INTERACTIVE. Post comments, ask questions, give answers and advice – build your profile as the ‘go-to’ expert in your niche. Social media gives you the opportunity to raise your profile and interact with people all over the world – so use that to become known.

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Excuse 3: it doesn’t/wouldn’t work for my business

Maybe you’ve been on social media sites for a while and feel it isn’t working. Alternatively, you may be putting off going on there, as you feel it wouldn’t work for the particular niche you’re in. Then it’s time to look at HOW you’re using it.

Most businesses who say it doesn’t work are basing it on how many clients it’s got them. It ISN’T just about clients – it’s about the contacts you’ve made. As in the offline world, you could have someone who has never bought from you – but your product or service complements theirs, so they have a network of people they regularly recommend you to.

Another common problem is social media is used wrongly. Business owners may use it to continually push their message to buy from them – when it should be used to share content and build relationships.

So why not give social media a go? Set out a plan to shift your focus from using it to sell and look to provide value instead? Focus on interacting and share interesting content – and yes, even sharing some of those funny animal videos can help!

How do you feel about using social media for business? Do you regularly use it or have you set up profiles and never used them? What are your reasons for not using it – do you agree with my myths above, or are you avoiding it for another reason? Why not share your experiences of social media in the comments box below!

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